Dr. Melissa “Missy” Tate Book Release and Signing Open House

Blind Passenger

eastambrosia is pleased to announce the Book Release and Signing Party for Howard County, Maryland’s own therapist and radio personality Dr. Melissa “Missy” Tate. Affectionately known as Missy to her family and close friends, Dr. Tate is a nationally known psychoanalyst and counselor who pours her personal relationship experiences into a memoir-esque work suited for any adult reader. Through two failed marriages and a shattered sibling bond, she gives a front row seat to her internal struggle as a blind passenger while keeping it all together. The book is sure to give you a front row seat to conflict, domestic violence, and addiction in the family system.

Dr. Tate will return to Oakland Mills Village in her hometown, of Columbia, MD on March 19, 2016 starting at 11:00 am to honor her most recent accomplishment with the friends, family, colleagues, and familiar faces that she grew up with and continue to hold dear. Please join in support of her debut book release and signing! Find more information about her current endeavors and keep in contact with her on her website and make a purchase to recive your book in time for the signing event at her author page! Dr. Tate will also have books on hand to be signed so not to worry if you’re just seeing this!

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