thank you for your interest in the contributions of eastambrosia to the local community.

as a visionary and community leader, founder/ceo caren howard donates 10% of all profits to programs and organizations in the DC metropolitan area which engage and challenge adolescents to be productive, globally competitive citizens. these youth value community and public service and political engagement. in addition, we empower young people to learn the importance of business entrepreneurship, mental health and financial health – topics that today are not comprehensively covered by the public school common core curriculum.

it is critical that we prepare the next generation of Americans to match their peers internationally as the rapidly changing information age brings all nations and the entire human race in closer quarters.

social entrepreneurship at the grassroots level is personally rewarding. our outreach efforts have so far contributed to thousands of dollars for college scholarships and high school mentorship programs that are spearheaded by locally based alumni of Oakland Mills high school and include Shayla Adams, founder of RemixEducation, Inc.

to participate or donate directly please inquire or visit

thank you for your support!