MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING. Caren Howard is a professional motivational speaker for secondary (high school) students and professionals throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Book her to provide motivational leadership for small or large groups. She speaks on a broad range of youth topics from decision-making, work-life balance and being in the present to finding your passion, wellness and thought health. And for adults topics range from dealing with loss to living below your means (financial tips).

MODERATION. Caren enjoys moderating organizational events and has the pleasure to do so on the Board of the African American Women on the Hill Network. She has interviewed and led discussions around topics of interest to black women in policy and communications. In addition to serving as a moderator or emcee she enjoys other types of public, educational and conscientious speaking roles.

LEADERSHIP COACHING. Learn how to develop your own public speaking skills one-on-one or at a group workshop.

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