online branding

in our rapidly evolving information age that is increasingly becoming more internet-based and virtual, an appealing online presence is a necessity. the most innovative brands find ways to impress and remind their audiences of their significance and as their social media influence grows so does consumer trust.

it is our pleasure to assist individuals, organizations and businesses attract their intended audience and grow globally.  to begin work together please complete an initial brand analysis. email direct inquiries to

envision events

events serve as a means to connect, engage, educate and organize select groups of people for the hosts’ design and purpose. we eagerly create memorable gatherings, meetings, and celebrations for businesses and individuals.

to begin event work together please complete our Event Questionnaire. email direct inquiries to

public speaking

whether coordinating a large conference or small assembly of people, allow us to provide you with professional speaking services. we are well versed on topics such as mental health advocacy and policy, or we can coach you on how to leave your audience pondering big ideas on any topic you so choose!

bright salad dressing

try our “bright” salad dressings which are homemade citrus-based, gluten free and organic. we have been making these dressings for years and decided to share them during the big shift in energy and resources that 2020 created in the world. to place an order for 4.5 oz, 12 oz, or 16.5 oz of dressing send an email with your name, shipping address, and desired amount to