Story Voice

In storytelling, the best stories are told in a particular voice. Author voice in storytelling is distinctly different from story to story; and that is the art of it all!

Whether in marketing communications, artistic works, journalism or academic publishings, the best writings tell a story through voices using personality or character. The same is true of the voice of an individual, organization, business, or governmental institution wishing to share a message.

A voice amplifies, develops and transitions us along a string of ideas or events in a story. Story voices are unique and intentionally create the reading experience.

Let #eastambrosia ensure your story is shared to the right audience at the right time by helping craft your message and brand! And for startup voices, #eastambrosia can coordinate your launch and other celebratory events!

why us?

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in our rapidly evolving information age, businesses and their owners are required to have an online presence that appeals clientele.  as business growth is based on the ability to resonate with consumers through content and ease of access to information that improves lifestyle or lifespan.  it is our pleasure to assist individuals, organizations and businesses attract their intended audience growing the impact of their business or practice locally and globally. whether you are a startup or a 30 year veteran of your craft we are glad to assist.

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envision events

events serve as a means to connect, engage, educate and organize select groups of people for the hosts’ design and purpose. we eagerly create memorable gatherings, meetings, and celebrations for businesses and individuals. from milestone birthdays to political fundraisers we guarantee that our services promote unforgettable experiences in quality and value!

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